Tonica or Dominant Violin Strings?

Many discerning violinists that have been loyal to their favorite Thomastik Dominant brand strings, often are not aware or know about the strong similarity of Dominants and Pirastro's Tonica violin strings.  While Dominants were the original revolutionary synthetic string, the Tonicas are too, a synthetic string with similar weight, tension and gauge. 

So often when one manufacturer comes out with a nice new string, the other competing company will try to match or compete directly with it by coming out with their own alternative.  That's true no matter which product it is!

Which string is better?  Well, both are made of very high quality that one usually enjoys with both Thomastik or Pirastro.  Both are well made strings and there is nothing 'cheap' in quality about either brand.  Both seem to wear and last about the same.

The most important test and question is... how they play and sound?  That is for our customers to decide, but it would be fun and extremely telling to buy both Dominant AND Tonica together and give them a try, one set at a time.  If you use Dominants and never tried Tonica, you should!  If you really like your Tonicas and have never tried the Dominants, you should!  In our opinion they are so close in playability, depending on your particular fiddle, you may really like the 'other' set.

Who wants to buy two sets of new strings just for comparison?  Well, we predict that you will love both sets, even if perhaps there is one particular set that you prefer over the other.  You still need to know though won't you?  We decided to make it easy to do so, have some fun in the process and save you money as well. 

Here, we offer a special on buying one set of Dominants and one set of Tonicas.  You must get the same gauge and you are only allowed one set of each, per order: 

You can get one of each set together for a combined package (of 2 sets) starting at only, $74.85

Tonica/Dominant Package Comparison Challenge Deal: (Otherwise known as the TDPCCD)

We also realize that when customers buy Dominant, they often like to substitute for another E string. Often a Gold Label (also known as the same E string) and/or a Goldbrokat E.  Tension is only in medium.  The E strings in each package must be the same!  You cannot get two different E's or E endings (must both be loop or both ball ends.)  On the 2nd Package, we allow two different E's but of the same corresponding brand. (See below).

If you call this one in on our phone lines, you can simply ask for our Touchdown Violin Package!

Description Package Price

Dominant: G, D, A and your choice E string.

Tonica: G, D, A, and your choice E string.

We offer the following E strings: Gold Label medium, Goldbrokat medium, Olive medium, Eudoxa medium, Tzigane E medium,


Touchdown Package #1 $76.85
E String Choices::
E String Type:

This package is exactly the same as above, but with each respective brand E string. 

ALL Dominant: G,D,A and E steel.

ALL Tonica: G,D,A and E steel.

Thouchdown Package #2 $74.85



E String Type


Please email us.  Let us know which string set you like and why.  Write a really great, (ie. informative) review and we may even send you your favorite set for your efforts.  Please include your full name, your experience, and the fiddle.


Here's helpful information for customers unsure about which violin strings would best suit their needs and more related links: