Goldbrokat E Strings

The Goldbrokat E string is the same exact string that Jasha Heifitz loved and used. Lenzner (the manufacturer) states that this is a "simple steel string with aluminum winding". More often than not is is the "simple" things that can make the the biggest differences. The Goldbrokat E string comes in 3 gauges with loop or ball end.

Goldbrokat E strings Price
GB-100 Goldbrokat E string, (25) Thin gauge
  E End: Quantity:   $1.68
GB-101 Goldbrokat E (26) string, Medium gauge (most popular: medium with ball end.)
  E End: Quantity:   $1.68
GB-103 Goldbrokat E (27) string, Thick gauge
  E End: Quantity:   $1.68

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