Combined Sets

We went around and around about how we can offer our typical, everyday low prices by combining string brands to beat all the competitors.  For example a popular combination is the Thomastik Dominant G,D,A and Pirastro Gold Label E.

Or, a set of Pirastro's Evah Pirazzi violin medium, G,D,A and a Goldbrokat or Hill E string.  Even still, better yet, Pirastro's Gold Label E.  After all, they are still the world's favorite E string.

Still though, the more we looked, the more we realized, we were (and are) already the best and lowest deal in the world!   As my friend always likes to tell me: “If it's not broken….don't fix it!"

Feel free to mix and match whatever you like.  With our special 'private' price pages, you will always smile in the end and always get the best deal, even after you shop all over the place.  If you go to our Thomastik or Pirastro password protected page, you will be able to submit your email address to be on our mailing list (for more sales) which we send out periodically AND get your special password for the protected pages.