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Affordable Violin Strings For Sale Welcome to Violin-Strings! The only web site geared totally towards selling name brand violin strings and at the cheapest, lowest prices in the world. We are proud to offer brands by Pirastro, Thomastik-Infeld, D'Addario, Warchal, Corelli, Prim, Westminster as well other leading brands of violin strings. Please see the chart of our string manufacturers below. is a new site, but it is owned and operated by the String Emporium, LLC in Chandler, AZ. While we are more widely known as one of the leading specialists for upright double basses, and accessories, we're proud to now offer similar discounts for violin strings. We always keep a full stock of strings and all strings are shipped from here within 24 hours or receiving order.

If you prefer to mix or combine your strings with other different brands, you will stand to save a lot of money with our violin string combination packaged deals. Here you can pick out a basic string pack and add a different E or A string. Combining different string brands allows to greatly discount everything together.

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Some pages (like the Pirastro page) are password protected. This means that because our prices are so low, we are obligated to only show them to our 'private' customers and not for public display. This is easy, just email us here and you will receive your special password.

How to use this violin string chart:
Under each maker, you will find your particular brand of strings here. Click on the highlighted Manufacturer name and you will be taken to their individual page where you can pick and choose which strings or sets you like. Need some help deciding which strings to choose? Feel free to email us your violin strings question.

Evah Pirazzi synthetic/composite core and tend to be a little brighter and responsive to Pirastro's Obligato strings. The EP's come in three gauges: Weich (or light), Medium or Heavy.

Dominant The world's most popular violin string. Synthetic core and comes in 3 different gauges. 3 different E strings to choose from. You can never go wrong buying these!

Zyex strings have a synthetic core with less tension and can help open up the sound a violin. Zyex comes in 3 gauges

D'Addario Helicore violin strings in all sizes and gauges! These are popular choices for an economical choice on violin strings

  • Brands
  • You name it…we combine it!
  • Evah Pirazzi, Passione, Obligato, Gold Label, Olive, Chorda, Eudoxa and Paranito and Tonica
  • Dominants, Infeld Blue, Infeld Red, Peter Infeld and Vision
  • Helicore, Zyex, Prelude, Golden Spiral, Kaplan, Pro Arte
  • Helicore, Kaplan and Prelude cello strings
  • Prim
  • Brilliant, Nefrit, Ametyst, Karneol
  • Westminster E strings in all sizes
  • Strings geared to be used in “period" music…gut strings.

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