Good Student Violin Strings

 The million dollar question today is: What’s a good violin string brand for young students and not have to dip into the college fund??? While we obviously offer tons of choices here, what’s a parent to do with it all? We’ve found that when buying student violin strings, not to try and save and buy the cheapest set. Truly, there can be a huge difference in sound, for just a few more bucks more than the cheapest available. Also, keep in mind that some strings not only play the best or at least are some of the best playing…they out last other brands as well. So this in itself, can be a good value. One really good, student string choice: Dominants (from Thomastik.) They are not the cheapest, but reasonably priced, and last longer. Another seriously comparable string brand that totally holds it’s own, is Pirastro’s new Tonica sets.  They come in lots of different sizes, and fall under $40.  You will have to spend almost double to get a better string.

Please don’t forget to choose the type of E string and correct fractional size (if any.) Ask the student’s private teacher or school teacher (email them.)

Save your money for the next violin (or college)! The little girl in the photo??…now in college!! Still, a good ‘kid’, learned good ‘practice, work’ habits and studies hard!

  • Brands
  • You name it…we combine it!
  • Evah Pirazzi, Passione, Obligato, Gold Label, Olive, Chorda, Eudoxa and Paranito and Tonica
  • Dominants, Infeld Blue, Infeld Red, Peter Infeld and Vision
  • Helicore, Zyex, Prelude, Golden Spiral, Kaplan, Pro Arte
  • Helicore, Kaplan and Prelude cello strings
  • Prim
  • Brilliant, Nefrit, Ametyst, Karneol
  • Westminster E strings in all sizes
  • Strings geared to be used in “period" music…gut strings.

Here's helpful information for customers unsure about which violin strings would best suit their needs and more related links: