Strings Comparison Chart

String Color I.D. Chart

This violin strings “ID” page, is to help identify the manufacturer, brand, and string gauge, by the colored windings found on each end of the string.  All violin strings, no matter what brand, has some kind of distinctive color and combination that usually is only found on that particular string. The bottom of the string will show the brand and manufacturer and the scroll end winding color will designate for which string (GDA or E).  Some strings (in the scroll) end, will have a simple stripe band after the color to show something additional, like a heavy or light gauge of that version.

For example, looking below here, at the Pirastro section, the Evah Pirazzi string has a black and green ‘barber shop’ winding.  Then, on the other ‘scroll’ end (not shown) color is a black colored winding.  Right after the black winding is a pink colored ring/band.  This tells us that it is an A string and with the pink band, means that is a light gauge A.

So feel free to look through our Violin String ID chart that we hope will help you know which strings are on your violin.

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Strings Comparison Chart