Pirastro Chorda Violin Strings

If you are a Baroque player or planning a special performance playing early music, then Pirastro’s Chorda gut strings are the perfect choice. These are the old-fashioned tied end string that players used 200 years ago. There is a special, unique sound associated with pure gut strings such as these. Your violin will tend to sound more “open". It will be a less pointed, less projected sound, but at the same time very warm, and resonate. All of the old violins like Stradivarius, Amati, or Guaneri (to name a few) were designed and made for these very same kind of strings. (Later on, with the demands of classical and romantic era music, the necks were all changed on these to produce more projection or make them penetrate into bigger concert halls. Corelli, Vivaldi and Bach, wrote their music for these strings! Still, they may take some getting used to. A slightly different attack with the bow will be the first thing you notice, (they’re easy to play on!) Just because of the way the violins are made today (for steel strings), the cordaflex G string puts the necessary down pressure on the top while allowing the other 3 strings to breath as intended, with much less tension than steel strings and way more resonance. We know, the Cordaflexes are expensive…but they’re worth it!

  Chorda Strings   Price
CH-100 Chorda Set in medium gauges. No loop or ball ends on these.  All are tied in tailpiece.
Quantity:   $59.95    
CH-101 Chorda plain E Gut String comes in 3 gauges: 11 1/4, 11 1/2, 11 3/4
Gauge: 11 1/4 11 1/2 11 3/4 Quantity: $11.21
CH-102 Chorda plain A Gut String comes in 3 gauges: 14 1/4, 14 1/2, 14 3/4
Gauge: 14 1/4 14 1/2 14 3/4 Quantity: $12.35
CH-103 Chorda plain D Gut String comes in 3 gauges: 19 1/4, 19 1/2, 19 3/4
Gauge: 19 1/4 19 1/2 19 3/4 Quantity: $15.16
CH-104 Chorda plain G Silver plated Gut String comes in 3 gauges: 15 1/2, 16, 16 1/2
Gauge: 15 1/2 16 16 1/2 Quantity: $21.30
CH-105 Chorda G copper plated string in 3 gauges: 15 1/2, 16, 16 1/2
Gauge: 15 1/2 16 16 1/2 Quantity: $21.42
CH-106 G Cordaflex String
Quantity: $78.00