Pirastro Eudoxa Violin Strings

Eudoxa Violin Strings are a gut core string wrapped in metal. Typical of a great Pirastro string, they come in all sorts of gauges. Because of the individual and personal preferences for these strings, we find it best for customers to mix and match with the strings that the combinations that work the best on their violins.  Because these strings have a gut core, we do not keep tons of stock on them in order to maintain a quicker turnaround and to keep the freshest strings.

Eudoxa Violin Strings Price
EU-100 Eudoxa Stiff Set with E Aluminum, Stiff Silver G, Stiff D and reg. A, medium gauge
E End: Quantity:   $95.63
EU-100B Eudoxa Non-Stiff Set with E Aluminum, Non-Stiff G, Non-Stiff D and reg. A, medium gauge
E End: Quantity:   $88.29
EU-101 E metal steel string in 3 gauges: with loop or ball end.
Gauge: E End: Quantity:   $6.04  
EU-102 E string wound in aluminum. In Medium or Heavy, in loop or ball end.
Gauge: End: Quantity:   $10.66  
EU-103 A string (gut with aluminum winding, ball end) in 4 gauges: 13 1/4, 13 1/2, 13 3/4, 14)
Gauge: Quantity:   $24.65
EU-104 D String in 4 gauges 16 1/2, 16 3/4, 17, 17 1/4)
Gauge: Quantity:   $25.06  
EU-105 'Brilliant' D string in 2 gauges (15 1/2, 15 3/4)
Gauge: Quantity:   $24.54  
EU-106 G String, gut and silver in 5 gauges (15 1/4, 15 1/2, 15 3/4, 16, 16 1/4)
Gauge: Quantity:   $32.54  
EU-107 G Stiff in 4 gauges (15 1/2-16.25)
Gauge: Quantity:   $35.03  
EU-108 D Stiff (16 1/2-17 1/4)
Gauge: Quantity:   $29.91