Pirastro Gold (Label) Wondertone Violin Strings

Pirastro’s Gold Label Wondertone violin strings have been around a long time and are still probably the most popular strings in the world today. The E strings are commonly the ‘go to’ string for everyone and commonly used in just about every combination imaginable. If you’re new to buying violin strings or have a new fiddle and not sure what just to use on it, a good bet is always to start with the Gold Label violin string E or a set.

  Gold Label Violin Solos   Price
PG-100 Gold Label E String, comes in Thin, Medium or Heavy Gauge. Wtih Loop or Ball end.
Gauge: E End: Quantity:   $5.68  
PG-101 Gold Label, Medium Gauge A string
Quantity:   $20.75    
PG-102 Gold Label, Medium Gauge D string
Quantity:   $21.00    
PG-103 Gold Label, Medium Gauge G string
Quantity:   $23.19    
PG-104 Gold Label, Medium Gauge SET (EADG) with loop E
Quantity:   $70.00    
PG-105 Gold Label, Medium Gauge SET (EADG) with ball E
Quantity:   $70.00