Pirastro Passione Violin Strings

Here’s the new Passione violin strings that everyone is going crazy for. The new Passiones have a gut core with silver wrapping. Each string comes in 5 tensions and gauges: Pirastro states that the gauges in their strings are measured in PM (1 PM = 0.05mm) Each 1/4 PM the tension is altered by 3%. Know which tension you need? (Most don’t so don’t stress!) We suggest the mediums to start with, but once players have used the Passiones for a while, they might want to drop one string tension down or up according what they feel they need on their particular violin. Here’s another good example: People buy the mediums, then if they feel (for instance) that their G is a little too floppy they go to the next tension up. Just (3%) more adds just a little more pop to that G string. The combinations are almost limitless, but again, until you have tried these on your fiddle, go with the regular mediums, first. You’ll love them! Lots of players that currently use Larsen, Corelli, Infleld Reds (yes!) or the Dominants really like the Passiones.

Passione Violin Price
P-100 Passione SET (Medium)
E End: Quantity:   $112.  
P-101 Passione E strings come Thin, Medium or Thick, with ball or loop end.
Gauge: E End: Quantity:     $5.64  
P-102 Passione A (comes in 5 gauges)
Gauge: Quantity:     $28.20  
P-103 Passione D (comes in 5 gauges)
Gauge: Quantity:   $34.14  
P-104 Passione G (comes in 5 gauges
Gauge: Quantity:   $44.40  
Passione Solo Violin (Comes in only 1 gauge) Price
P-105 Passione Solo Set
E: Quantity:     $120.00  
P-106 Passione Solo E String
End: Quantity:   $5.34  
P-107 Passione Solo A String


P-108 Passione Solo D String


P-109 Passione Solo G String
Quantity:     $47.57