Prim Violin Strings

Prim Violin Strings come in 3 gauges: soft, medium and orchestra. Oddly enough they are very popular with bluegrass, folk music players and students. The most popular gauge for sure is medium and the fractional sizes only come in medium (with ball end E string.)

Also, Prim offers a special E string, called simply called “Lisa" and named after the Prim owner’s wife. (Good politics!)  The Lisa is a very sweet and responsive string and after a 2 year development is not made with the typical E coating, like tin or gold.  It is made with a special alloy that will not corrode or breakdown from sweat or moisture.  This way, it will last longer and keep that newness response everyone loves about Prim, much longer.

Prim Violin Strings 4/4 Price
P-099 Prim Lisa E strings (ball end, but removable for loop end.)
Gauge:   Quantity:

Prim Violin Strings 4/4
(light, medium or orchestra)
P-100 Prim violin string set (in soft, medium or orchestra)
Gauge:   Quantity:

P-101 Prim E string (ball end only, but comes out for loop end E's)
Gauge:   Quantity: $3.90
P-102 Prim A string
Gauge:   Quantity: $8.90
P-103 Prim D string
Gauge:   Quantity: $9.10
P-104 Prim G string
Gauge:   Quantity: $9.85
Prim Sets for smaller violins 3/4-1/8 size
(to save time, we offer smaller sizes here by the set only) For individual strings, can buy below. These are in medium gauge only.
P-106 Prim 3/4 set
    Quantity: $30.00
P-107 Prim 1/2 set
    Quantity: $30.00
P-108 Prim 1/4 set
    Quantity: $30.00
P-109 Prim 1/8 set
    Quantity: $30.00
Prim individual strings for fractional violin sizes.
Don't forget to choose your gauge: 1/8-3/4
P-110 Prim E string (ball end)
Size:   Quantity: $3.75
P-111 Prim A string
Size:   Quantity: $8.50
P-112 Prim D string
Size:   Quantity: $8.60
P-113 Prim G string
Size:   Quantity: $9.60