Peter Infeld, Infeld Blue and Infeld Red Violin Strings

Thomastik’s Peter Infeld, Blue Infeld and Red Infeld are still considered cutting edge in what the very best technology and latest ‘know-how" in making great sounding, responsive violin strings.

The Infeld Blues and Reds are quite similar in price, but can sound different. Always remember that each violin has a different ‘personality’ and will require a bit of trial and error in picking what particular strings the player likes, and what ‘works’ best on a violin. Tonally, the Reds tend to sound a bit warmer and darker, while the Blues tend to project more and sound a tad bright or more brilliant in tone. It can be a bit overwhelming while making a selection in violin strings.

The Peter Infeld brand (PI) are incredible in that offer some key advantages that are hard to combine in string making: They have a super dynamic range, project very well, yet still feel ‘soft’ under the left hand. (Up until now, loud projecting strings have always tended to feel stiff or hard to play under the left hand.)

A platinum E string? What’s all this about?? This is the first real platinum E string made in the world. To us, ‘platinum’ seemed a rather harsh alloy for an E string, but the Peter Infeld E platinums sound just the opposite: They are extremely responsive, yet still feel very supple under the left hand with the warmest sound.

The E Tin and Gold strings offer more variations and slight differences in tone and response. Remember: It not only depends on how you play, but how the violin responds to different strings.

Ball or Loop? All Infeld E strings come with a removable ball end.  The removed ball end string is then o.k. for loop hook tailpieces.

Peter Infeld 4/4 size violin strings Price
PI-100 Peter Infeld Set (with Platinum E string and Silver D)
Quantity: $119.  
PI-101 PI Set (with Tin E string and silver D)
Quantity: $97.25  
PI-102 E Platinum plated
Quantity: $27.85  
PI-103 E Gold plated
Quantity: $15.85  
PI-104 E Tin plated
Quantity: $8.50  
PI-105 A string, aluminum
Quantity:     $25.35  
PI-106 D string aluminum
Quantity:   $28.50  
PI-107 D string silver (silver is the 'default' string with any set ordered)
Quantity: $33.15  
PI-108 G string
Quantity: $30.39  
Infeld Blue 4/4 size violin strings Price
IB-100 Infeld Blue Set
Quantity: $63.00  
IB-101 Infeld Blue E string
Quantity: $7.35  
IB-102 Infeld Blue A string
Quantity: $14.25  
IB-103 Infeld Blue D string
Quantity: $19.86  
IB-104 Infeld Blue G string
Quantity: $22.75  
Infeld Red 4/4 size violin strings Price
IR-100 Infeld Red Set
Quantity: $70.00  
IR-101 Infeld Red E string
Quantity: $15.15  
IR-102 Infeld Red A string
Quantity: $14.50  
IR-103 Infeld Red D string
Quantity: $20.35  
IR-104 Infeld Red G string
Quantity: $21.00