Thomastik Violin Strings

Welcome to the new Thomastik-Infeld Violin Strings page. Thomastik (along with Pirastro) offers the proven brands of strings so popular and reliable: Dominants, Infeld Blue, Infeld Red, Peter Infeld, and their Vision strings.

Evah Pirazzi

Dominant The world’s most popular violin string. Synthetic core and comes in 3 different gauges. 3 different E strings to choose from. You can never go wrong buying these!

Peter Infeld violin strings

Thomastik’s own, Peter Infeld violin strings. A super dynamic range. Steel with Chrome plating, with a platinum E string. A very premium string. Very responsive, dynamic and not too edgy with new.

Infleld Red violin strings

Infleld Red violin strings tend to be slightly darker and softer than the Infeld Blues.

Infeld Blue violin strings

Infeld Blue violin strings are usually described as being a little brighter than the Infeld Reds.

Thomastik Vision

Thomastik Vision strings are a synthetic core strings with extremely short settle in time when new. Easy playing, responsive strings. Visions are good on ‘dark’ sounding instruments.

Infleld Red violin strings

Vision Titaniums¬†come in two gauges: Solo or Orchestra. (Not to be confused with the Vision Solo strings shown below). Here with the Titaniums, “Solo" is merely their name for a thinner gauge.

Vision Solo

Vision Solos have a ‘brilliant’, round and well-defined soloistic sound. Very quick and responsive. Only come in medium gauge.