Phoenix Violin Teachers

We are happy to list violin teachers/players that live, work and teach in the metropolitan Phoenix area. As some of you may know, Phoenix is a HUGE place, so while their name is listed here, we also include what section, suburb or nearby town they live or teach out of.

Some teachers are bilingual which for some students can be a big help. Teachers that play with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra have the PSO designation after their name. does not endorse any one particular teacher here. If they are here, they are super qualified! If you are a Phoenix area violin teacher and you would like to list your contact information here, please email us. (Teachers outside of Phoenix, please also feel free to contact us as we will be adding our 'out of Phoenix' teachers here shortly.)
Anna Kim Kazepides (PSO)
Ahwatukee area
English & Korean
(Does not accept beginner students)
480 704-9641
Leslie Frey (PSO)
Central Phoenix
Bob Strava (PSO)
Central Phoenix
Ron Whaley (PSO)
English and Español
Dumitru Lazarescu (PSO)
Ahwataukee area
English and Romanian
Chun-Yi Lu (PSO)
Goodyear (west part of the valley)
English and Chinese
Dana Pasley (PSO)
Chandler and Awataukee area
Carter Pendell (PSO)

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